The first Untoldtoken charity project – Life is Better with Friends

Hello all,

It is a pleasure to let you all know that our first charity project/donation was a success.

Life is Better with Friends” foundation with our support organized an workshop last weekend for those kids.

This workshop was possible with the help of the entire Untoldtoken dev team personal donations.No we did not use the project money for this but just imagine what we can all achieve after we “moon” this token and how many other kids we could help.

It is much better to see that the teams of the projects you guys invest actually do something with the fees they collect (not only to rug you off later)

The entire Untoldtoken team is committed 100% to this project and we will try to make as many donations as we can.

After all it all depends on the token community since the dev team burned all the tokens they had.



For more info or any related questions about out project ,for a fast response you can contact us on telegram HERE




Untoldtoken team